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24 hour turns/multiple games at once

Some people do not have time to sit down and play a full, live game. An option to turn on 24 hour turns could circumvent this problem. That would also require that players could enter multiple games at once. Also it would require a notification to your device when it is your turn.

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Love this!!! Both ideas are great... for me I'd love to have a long term game going in the background and a short time limit turn game both if possible. I play too much haha...
I can't even imagine how much money the programmers would make off of this idea. All of the major game apps are this way. I think most who download this app expect that. I bought the unlimited package for this while trying to convince three of my best friends to download this who LOVE risk. They wouldn't buy in and play because it lacked this feature. I can agree, this feature would work best for groups of people who already know each other. However, once you get one player to buy the app it would be a major incentive for them to invite their friends.
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