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Rank choice

In need of rank choice for high level games. A scale that can decide allows you to decide the level of your opponents. So that higher levels, can achieve higher ranks.

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 We need a way to have better players playing together. I spend most of my time booting novices and hoping others don't get impatient and leave.

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My message is poorly worded. But essentially in order to rank up, we need to remove these people before they are allowed to enter

Hi all,

We are trialling a new forum Looking for Games. We would like players to use it to try find players of similar rank to play against until we have in game options for it.

Give it a go.


- Phillip@SMG

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I would like to see MAX and MIN allowed rankings. Say for instance lower rank players not wanting to get destroyed could choose MIN = Novice, MAX = Intermediate. Higher ranked could choose, MIN= Intermediate, MAX = Grand Master.

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Hi all, I also want to play against people near my rank. Specifically I am trying to assemble a group of expert or higher players to play against each other. See for details.
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