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The ability to hide your rank in games

At the start of the game a lot of people look at the rank of everyone in the game and that leads to the highest ranked player getting attacked before he's even got a chance because people see him as the guy to beat. If there was an option for people to hide their rank it would make games a lot more fair.

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Holy crap, where is the story here? This is the reason I keep uninstalling this game (and eventually reinstalling it). Totally targeted once you get to expert or master. If I go back to novice I win virtually every game until I hit expert, then get ganged up on by the other players after that. The only way and it is to add computer players, which is boring. I want to win and play real games, not just win because there is a single player and then computer players. This idea needs support...

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I spent 2 games at grand master literally felt like it was 5 vs 1 I would get 3 troops a turn and the other 5 would take 1 or 2 away from me each turn so I'm 4-5 troops down per turn. In other cases someone would go kamikazi on me in the first go so we both lose and it would lead to him having no chance of winning as well. It's like a trophy for them to take the best player out of the game even though they know it will lead to them losing straight after. This is a pretty simple idea to counter that. Not sure if it needs a bump
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