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Report cheaters during game. Red flag

I think we need to have a flag system during the game to stop the chests. Instead of having a smiley face icons we should have icons to red flag players who are cheating so they can see we know they are not playing fair. This cheating is so unfair 

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Could I ask you to prove one player has actually cheated?

I agree it's lame when someone has a 2nd account with intentions to not play but help that players main account. I call this exploiting the game, but not cheating.

Cheats: Someone rolling all sixes every roll, GOD mode so you can't hurt them, Win the game automatically regardless of who actually won, types a few cheat codes and he is a GrandMaster but hasn't played a single game, controls your player and theirs, controls the game so no one can move or play except them, gains 100 troops start of game and every turn, etc.


But user exploiting multiple accounts happens a lot, and no way to stop it.

None of this affects me as I don't cheat and only play one account. Just get tired of seeing so many posts about people cheating like expecting a referee in every game. Who would manage all these red flags your submitting. I'd rather have that developer making six figures coding game features then monitoring for cheaters.

Disclaimer, my post is meant nicely and only for polite discussion, thanks.

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Excellent idea! Just played with two cheaters, Marinetono (Grandmaster) and Maxwell Troop 14 (Expert). Clearly same person. Grandmaster had taken me out and had eight armies left with 5 cards. Expert had 38 armies on the border and was the only other player. He did not take out try to take out Grandmaster and further did not attack the rest of the game. I was looking forward to playing against a Grandmaster. I move between Expert and Master and don’t see many Grandmasters to play. If that is what a Grandmaster is I may not bother to play one again. I do like your idea though. An in game chat would be good. I’d like to be able to tell cheaters I know what they are doing and what I think of it.

Matt L

Considering you don't consider 1 person playing 2 accounts in the same game as cheating...of course you have never seen cheating. lol


Everyone keep twisting my words, even making crap up.

Pls do share where I stated one person playing two account is not cheating?

- Show me one post, just one!

I agree.
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