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No more robot takeover!

If a human opponent leaves the game before it's over which happens all the time, the computer should not kick in and take over, his position should just remain as is with no more reinforcements. I hate the dumb computer taking over and ruining the game with it arbitrary and chaotic gameplay. This is the only way to ensure fairness for the remaining players. Also if a player leaves screen his turn should be reduced to 30 sec unless he returns. There should at least be an option for this in setup. This issue is by far my biggest criticism of the iOS platform, it almost makes the game not worth playing. Please remedy this! Thank you.

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Would be much better if they made an Option in the Settings to either:

1) Leave things exactly as they are if a player leaves

2) Turn all their territories "neutral" = make them all 3 and coloured grey

3) Let the AI take over (and ruin the game lol)

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Yes, please. The AI does dumb things and breaks alliances. It ruins everything. 

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