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High Ranking Games

IDEA: When I create a game, allow me to specify what rank players must have to join. For example, if I select "Intermediate" only players with a rank >= Intermediate can join my game. WHY: This is needed because sometimes it is enjoyable to play against other skilled players. Allowing low ranking players to join can ruin gameplay because they don't often have the skills (yet) to play against highly skilled players. To prevent low ranking players from being unfairly excluded from most games, restrict the feature to only allow a player to exclude players lower ranking than they currently are. Consequently, a beginner could not create the game mentioned above, but an intermediate or above ranked player could. HOW TO VOTE FOR THIS FEATURE? Tap the 'Do you like this idea?' below

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Not that this isn't a good idea, but when you create a game you can kick out any low-rank players. Also, if lower rank players cannot play against higher-rank players (because they all set a minimum), then how are lower-ranked players ever supposed to improve their rank? The current ranking system seems to rely pretty heavily on playing with and/or defeating high-rank players to advance. Beating other novices or beginners doesn't help you advance much.

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I am aware that it is possible to remove any player from a game you have created by clicking the red X. I don't think this is an appropriate way to deal with this problem. I don't think many new players know what it means when "The game host has discharged you for their game" which is the message you receive when you are removed (yes, I have been kicked out of games before: I think it had more to do with bad blood than ranking however!). Additionally, removing them via the red X is very glitchy. Often, I will "break" my game by removing low rank players: somehow, even though I have open slots to join my game, folks must not be able to join because no matter how long I wait nobody will join. However, when I waiting player leaves my game someone takes their place almost immediately. This leads me to believe the game is broken. At this point I usually cancel the whole game and start again. It is also glitchy for the user being removed. When I was removed from a game, I could no longer join any game until I e tied the Global Domination section and then reentered it. As far as ranking issues: I sympathise with your position. Low ranking players should be able to move up and this would be more difficult if this feature was implemented. Perhaps, my idea of threshold could be modified: e.g. You can only exclude players with a ranking at least 2 less than you. If I am an Intermediate I could accept >= Novice; Expert >= Intermediate, etc. This would I believe minimize that issue. Additionally, there are always high ranked players that join others' games, even created by low ranking players, and this would allow them to still boost their rank.

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I created a similar request. I definitely want this.


I don't know why there has been no attention from SMG for planning a ranking bar for games. Even if not for the masters to avoid crappy games you'd think the novices would want to be up against other novices. I think by default you shouldn't even be able to see games more than one level above or below your rank. With how many players we have now it's just not worth fishing for a game worth playing.


Hi all,

We are trialling a new forum Looking for Games. We would like players to use it to try find players of similar rank to play against until we have in game options for it.

Give it a go.


- Phillip@SMG

I agree Brent. I am trying to create a group of expert or higher ranked players to play risk with. See for details.

Personally, that idea has to be the worst I have heard. How are the novices and beginners suppose to rank up if you're going to segregate them from the elite players of the world? Let David have his moment in the sun for defeating five Goliaths and the spoils that come with it.

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