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When people quit midgame

I was playing online and i assume there were players who quit, after a short time i was in control of multiple profiles with names. All but 1 player. I dont think its fair to play multiple accounts against 1 player. I swear this has happened to me before and it gets very discouraging to be playing against multiple people at the same time.

Once again players quit and the AI has taken over so i end up losing to a player who quit 3/4 of a game ago. What is worse after a second player quit the AI acts as a single team with biased dice rolls. Im so fed up with this that im going to delete the game. In real life if a person quits his holdings are frozen. This app has got so many bad features that i dont think i will be playing it again!!!

I think the original comment doesn't make much sense - I don't believe the AI gangs up on you. But I totally agree that having AI replace players ruins the game.

Please add an option for an alternative solution for quitters - like making the territories neutral or cancelling game start if someone doesn't confirm so that people have a chance to try to make a new game.

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