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Improved stats

Is it possible that you guys can work on improve the stats? In a way so other people can look at your stats, not only friends, but everybody..? If someone joins your game, or you join a game, it could be nice to simply just "click" on their names and then you can look at their stats. It can open in a little box where you can scroll up and down to look at how many games they have played and so on.. I know you are working/planning to do something about it. But I think it should be allowed to all "premium" players to look at each other stats, (even if they a'rent friends). I dont know if its too complicated but I hope you will give it a thought.

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Hi David, we give every suggestion posted due consideration. We generally gauge demand for a suggested feature by the number of community votes first though (unless it happens to be something we were already implementing).

What specific stats would you like to see? –Lee@SMG

The stats we all have right now is fine, but you can't check other players stats, you can only see your own stats. So if you could organise it in a way so every premium accounts can see other players stats. And not only friends stats, but everybody. Like in the Leaderbord you can see the players, but you cant click on them to see the stats. That should also be available to all premium accounts, to check the stats. And if someone come in your lobby to play against you, you should be able to click on their profile to see their stats. The stats we have right now is fine. No need to change that.

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Cool, you get my vote, David. –Lee@SMG

I would like more than just win lose counts, I wany lto see my breakdown of finishing nth place, or better still a detailed breakdown showing nth place given x starting players. Doesn't need to be for single player mode, but for battles effecting rank I would appreciate it. Right now I almost always place second but it only counts as a loss. If this is too much maybe an average place or average rank points earned per game. Variance too much to ask for?

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Would it be possible to allow a default player colour choice? This would be set in your profile, with second, third,  fourth etc choices. Would save all the messing around with colours at the start of a game. If you initiate a game, you get your automatic choice. If joining a game, you get your default if not taken, if it is, you get your second or third choice etc, depending on what is taken. Just a thought!

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