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Report players when they are cheating.

I want to be able to report players that are cheating. Maybe by showing a recording how the game went and also report who wasncheating and how. Give them punishment of some sort.

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Imagine that Briand, having twice as many turns, card and troops as your opponent "ruins" the game.  Who would have thought?  I mean you really needed to cheat to figure that out?

I would never cheat at a contest and never have.  Whatever my record is is what I am.  I don't have multiple acccounts to keep up a ranking.  I don't care about rankings.  The high ranked players are mostly cheaters in the first place.

I just want to play a fair game and when guys like you use more than one account it "ruins" the game for everyone.

It's pathetic how much some of you guys care more about rankings than playing a fair game and being honest.

Well there just came a point where I was like, wow it'd be so easy to just use 2 devices so I tried it. But yeah I realized it would make the game boring to play. I actually lost a lot of interest in playing over a year ago because there was no rank filtering. I played about 6 games a day and now it's one game a week. So nice of them to make the game more playable when I hardly care to play anymore.

Rank matters in a sense that when you're up late at night and you're a grandmaster and all you can play against is a bunch of idiot novices and it would be so frustrating with how they'd gain up on you just because you're the GM and everyone else is an idiot. It was like putting a huge target on all of your troops. So on those nights I'd just make a new account for "fun" (to not care about rank) and before I knew it I had another account at the same ranking. So cycle and repeat and there you have it. This essentially comes down to exactly what you're saying with "who cares" except I legit want to play the game in a more fair manor.

Now that there's rank filtering, it's no longer a problem. Just the cheaters. So naturally I'm playing with accounts I care less about. When cheating is finally fixed that'll change but probably will never happen?

Anyway, how is having other accounts ruining the game for you? I am actually only active on one of them. I just have 6 others that I could play. And 1 that I will play with if cheating is finally done away with.

Luca42000 and mightyflare 22 are the same person. Luca42000 level master continues to collect soldiers the whole game. Mightyflare 22 beginner attacks my Australia from South America the whole game. They do not seem to balance the game. So all other players, including myself are eradicated from the game. Finally, its no surprise that Luca42000 is always winning his games. Is the risk app able to verify this information and control this abuse?? John

My problem is when players trade in card to get more troops every other turn.  How are they doing that.  I think it is cheating.  They will get troops with two card and then again at four cards and then again at two cards.  Whats up with that.

Any player with a number in their name seems to be cheating.
Shelby Long Hair 22 and Okey Lister are the same person.

Constantine's suggestion of adding a personal rating for each player has universal merit and benefit, as they will receive their average rating from the majority of players, and the majority of players are who you are interested in satisfying as they keep the game alive and likely generate most income. 

If a player perceives someone else is acting unfairly, it might not be true, given a rating system people who are outliers and accuse everyone won't have an impact on ratings. Either that, or all ratings will likely decrease a bit depending on level, and players will judge by relativity, for all masters cannot be cheaters for instance, a master myself that's at least part certainty.

You offer a service, the game, and although it might make some people happy to team up at home for instance, this would be ok in some adventure game but in a game of calculated strategy, it creates dissatisfaction. 

I'm posting here today just as I'd come from a game of capitals on Boston where I was being attacked and blockaded by a master who was only getting 5 troops per turn; a master who didn't think to attack the grandmaster taking up the rest of map with 59 troops per turn. Because you can't get to master and be that ignorant, the master therefore was aware they played not in their interest and teamed with the grandmaster. 

This is an exceedingly obvious example, especially as the master in question started playing the kind of all-out aggressive Strats common once things get to 1v1 in our 2v1, and similarity had a tendency to throw out troops and protect his (buddy, alt's) borders. 


So don't let me convince you; think about it yourself. Are examples of true and blatant exploiting of the game reportable enough that players who do this will be different in personal rating than those who alliance occasionally and are unduly reported? 

All working together. Could have taken one out anytime and did bot

game is BS these are some of the impossible losses ive had

but it is never in my favour

21 v 14 lost 21 has 11 left over

10 v 4 lost 10 has 4 left over

the dice they use is impossible or there are hacks in the game that they will not ban

this is classed as fraud when you buy a game you expect it to be fair but when it is not then its a breach


I understand it is hard to tell if people are cheating or simply just teaming up for strategy but there are clearly times when someone is using two accounts such as entering an alliance with a different player then using both accounts to attack their unsuspecting ally. If the game simply made it unable to attack and ally while in an alliance and for a few turns after it is broken so people can be ready for an attack and they have a chance to defend themselves
Could it not be a random matchmaking when going into tanked matches by selecting the map you wish to play and then the game auto placing you in a lobby like most other games with ranked playlists all games having the same standard rules then stopping players joining a lobby with a second account. If people want to play online against other players by teaming up allow them to do this in a casual unranked game mode?
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