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Improve Ranking System

I would like to see the ranking system change. It seems unfair in a few important ways, the biggest to me relates to the role of chance in the game and the subsequent likelihood of a "Master" falling to a "Beginner," or a "Novice" toppling a "Grand Master" etc. Personally, I have a good week or two and get to "Expert," only to hit a funk and get knocked back to "Beginner." I don't think it reflects my skill in the game or my level of engagement. I'd say something like your W/L ratio graded on global averages would make more sense, curved relative to the number of players in each game (beating out 5 is weighted more than beating 2 etc). There's also a difference in play style between people who play conservatively to perhaps not lose first, vs. someone who risks losing in order to stop a powerful player from dominating. I respect both strategies but the ranking system favors the conservative approach (which lends to longer, duller games IMO). This is to say nothing of the lost connection games. Finally, I think actual hours spent fighting it out should factor in somehow. I'd love to know if I'm playing with an enthusiast vs. a casual player etc.

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I would also add that the cureent ranking being based on the chess ranking is somewhat skewed by the luck involved in the game. in chess your starting position/advanyage is the same for both players (aside from who plays first) in Risk, lick plays a much greater role: - Did you choose your territories or not? - If not, how where your troops placid? - How many cards did you need to collect in oder to turn out a set? - Were you the First/Last/Nth player to play? - Etc. All of these, and mote, should be factored in in calculating your ranking.
My biggest problem with the game isn't the Elo style ranking system but the issue that prevents many global domination games from counting towards my ranking and statistics. One day I played 11 games went 5-6 with three 2cnd place finishes. Only one win was counted for my rank but all six losses counted. Wins against a grandmaster, a master, and numerous experts and intermediates weren't counted. Since then I'm hesitant to play online anymore at least until is fixed. Any information SMG or risk players can provide about how to avoid games that won't count would be greatly appreciated.
Brian Blitz The win to lose ratio wouldn't work very because of the fact that many of us have connection issues. When I first started my risk account I had severe connection issues, it became so bad in fact that I couldn't even play a game without disconnecting about 5 min after starting. That in turn severely harmed my win to loss ratio and would cause a problem for many others I am sure.

SectaOne & Levi, we're about to release the Feb update very soon. This will include several fixes to issues with connectivity and game results not being recorded. We received a lot of detailed player feedback that helped us to isolate and resolve those issues. Thanks –Lee@SMG

I really think the ranking system needs to be reconsidered since this not Chess where there is very little chance if any but a roll of dice. As a grandmaster, it is highly irritating to lose based on chance at times when my win percentage is 80% or more. As a paying customer and a lover of Risk, I hope this issue is taken seriously by game moderators and designers.
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