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Display Turn Order

Display or make available the turn order. Also, the number of territories held by each player and the resulting army bonus would be good to know.

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My amendment to this request is to show on the play screen in a small area to the left: Player's color circle, for the sake of space, no name, just the color; top color is first person, next color below is the second person, and so on. Inside the circle would be the number of cards they hold. This is valuable information that would be nice to have on the play screen without having to leave the play screen to find. The number of Territories and Armies is self-evident by observing the screen. Reserve this information to the secondary screen as it is now.

Turn order is shown in the player card view by the order of the cards. Currently player card is raised slightly higher. We show the % of territories owned, but will change this to actual number of territories. –Lee@SMG

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