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Add time for successful attacks.

If you successfully attack a territory 5 sec should be added to the timer allowing the player time to advance troops the way they want and make another attack if they want. This would allow for longer but productive turns. There is nothing worse than having the troops to eliminate a player only to have time run out just before you finish the job which allows another player to poach there cards. This could possibly allow for a speed game with a 30 sec turn time where turns are either quick or productive. In addition adding 30 sec for defeating a player would work well in combination with this. This could be implemented as an option or just make it for shorter game times. 5 min games certainly don't need this.

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It could be a new timer option like 60 sec, 60+, 90 sec 90+, etc.

 The 3 minute option pretty much solves this but this type of addition would be nice so we could prevent players from dragging out the game when they dont do anything. I do like my thinking time though.

Duplicate request, merging with original