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TURNCOAT - player statistic to show % of alliances broken

IDEA: A player statistic visible to other players that shows your % of alliance broken before <x> number of turns.

[Note: exact number of turns to be defined.]

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Risk is a free for all game. Alliances should be removed from the game.


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Sometimes I have to go through an allies territories to wipe out a weakened player. There should be a way to tell that person their time has not yet come. Yes sooner or later all alliances have to be broken. That should be when the last two players face off against each other.

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Now, hang on. I've been forced to break alliances at times because some players are douche bags and attack the crap outta you even if you're supposed allies...
Silly request. Every alliance is ultimately broken or there can be no winner. Part of strategy is to plan for contigancies​ like broken alliances. When a partner realizes they are better off takng you out, they should. can't trust anyone blindly.
I and be I. Effective
Do it! I'm sick of people accepting alliances and not intending to keep them. If I see a low percentage then I would attack them first!!!
This is a game of war and I understand everyone s frustration. We all have been gang on, we all have been through betrayal and we all have learned you don't win every game. We should all be grateful to the team who created this game and realized in war everyone is a psychopath. Besides when there is only two about to be left who rushes to kill the third player?
Right now Alliances are absolutly useless !
If I make an alliance I honor it if i have to break it for any reason I inform the person before I attack. It suck when you have an alliance and you leave a weak spot trusting and they turn in you. I lost a game because of an alliance broken.
Soo..... are you breaking the Alliance a turn ahead or right before attacking? Because that's not even relevant to break the alliance then attack during your turn. I've cleared all 5 other players off the board in one turn a lot of times. Alliances are useless once the game reaches its peak.At best they are useful in showing someone how pissed you are when they do things you don't like.


I'm for a very rough score, say a 3-level system with a relatively short memory span.

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Alliances should automatically be broken if only 3 people remain. And should only be formed when it makes most sense. Yes it is a game of war and ultimately u will have to break the alliance but One should be able to see the big picture of positioning on the board. Too many are petty and want to persist in small battles while another dominates the rest of the playing field. Itz pure stupidity.
Risk would have to create sum sort of means to decide whether or not an action is honorable or not. Rather. Did an alliance break have good reasoning or was it treacherous. This could be judged based on positioning and solider count. Shouldn't be that hard to do.
Allow group chat amongst everyone during games but no solo chat. Allow people to rank other players conduct/honor/playing style after game. How many alliances did they break how many times did they die saving another player...etc. I get the feeling that players are being very dishonest. Perhaps even using two players at once or only playing games in which they know the other players involved. Visible stats should decrease these issues
In game chat would essentially remove the need to have alliances. Alliance is just a form of communication without having to actually type out anything. People take it way too seriously to think we need a rating system based on alliances broken.

The cheater aspect is a whole other dog in the bunch. I think we should have player profiles where we can look and see games player and who they played against. Put a bio in there. Log IP addresses used, especially displaying it in game. Make it more personal. Give reasons for someone to not just create another random character and think he can play both at the same time and cheat. SMG seems to think it's ok for friends to play in games where they don't know anyone else and there's a ranking system. I strongly disagree with this. If I see someone join my game with the same IP address or always plays together with that one other guy, I'm booting him.


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