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TURNCOAT - player statistic to show % of alliances broken

IDEA: A player statistic visible to other players that shows your % of alliance broken before <x> number of turns.

[Note: exact number of turns to be defined.]

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id b happy wit a "turncoat" pop up icon for a few sec. thank u
I feel this should be available. There should be a player to player chat available. You could make it so the app asks you if you want to break the alliance. Example if I (red) am in an alliance with blue and have no where to attack but them. I can request an alliance break. In order to break the alliance they would have to accept. Just like when you're requesting to make the alliance. Just my thoughts
Seems pretty easy to make an alliance with someone, box them in especially if they are an obsessor over Australia and then never allow the alliance to be broken. Sweep the board and the ally could never do anything to stop you.


I love the idea of being able to accurately gauge your fellow players integrity and trustworthiness. Even if there were no "turncoat" statistics, at least set up a rating/reputation system where we could leave some simple feedback on players after the game. As of right now, there are no ramifications for lying and manipulating your way to a win. A reputation system would at least allow players to make a judgement call about the integrity of their opponents/allies.
Wow this game is awesome I get ganged up on for days !!! Some times it's disheartening but it's all part of the game!!

I agree and have felt this way since day one. Some suggestions:

If a player attacks an ally, that alliance is immediately broken and no longer shows in player options. This will matter with stat tracking.

Stat tracker to show: Average turns players alliances last. Yes, that player being attacked, and the alliance being over will effect that stat. However, there are times when a player might attack said ally because they are obviously assisting another player who is attacking you. Therefore a player with a long turn count on their alliances shows something.

% of alliances broken by that player. Meaning they went into options first to break.

Avg turns after player breaks alliance that they attack player they were allied with OR % of broken alliances they attack them the same turn they break that alliance.

% of alliances that player has attacked their ally without first breaking the alliance and/or waiting at least one turn.

Avg # of alliances made per game.

Make an alliance option for certain amount of turns up to max amount. Should be an option that is able to be turned off/on in game options as it makes the game very different to play strategically. If allied for X turns, either player is unable to attack the other. You can break the alliance, but not be able to attack until the beginning of your next turn.

I'm still going to disagree with the alliances broken part of it. All alliances must be broken at some point. The point of the alliance is to try to keep each other from killing each other early on, or a way to say you won't attack when you plop a huge army nearby. Does the other trust you? He may have reason not to. Afterall, part of the game is about being deceptive.

I use the alliance feature as a way to guarantee I will not attack someone until I'm able to sweep him or her from the board. and other than killing 1's or trapped armies to take a continent, I really don't kill the ally. The game is political. You need to know what you're doing. Sure, some people make alliances and just attack you anyway but the game is a free for all, not a team game. It's just a communication.


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This would be a nice feature, but only once chat in implemented. Also, there would need to be an end alliance button where both players agree on ending, or being able to truce for a certain amount of turns.
In my opinion if we have the option of making alliances the break alliance option should be checked first instead of attacking an ally if the game is to be fair and allow a turn at least before eliminating an ally. The only problem though is a situation where an ally is downsized to the point where anyone can take their cards and it would be a disadvantage to yield that option to a non-allied opponent in order to be holding true to alliance.
Alliances should be set for a certain amount of turns. They also need to NOT show ranks of players till after the match.

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If you want to hide your rank, login to the game with no internet connection. it will automatically set your rank 2 below what your actual rank is. then just connect to the net while still in the game and go find your victims that you want to deceive.


How did this get so many votes?! It's called Risk for a reason man suck it it up. The only thing they should change is the crazy dice rolls, inaccurate win/loss recordings and if by some miracle the connection issues.

Hi Scott, the next update in Feb will address all 3 of your issues. Thanks –Lee@SMG

I think if this is implemented, an alliance should be automatically officially broken if it is broken in action.

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How about the option for an 'allied victory' whereby the ranking points are divided equally. This commitment should be irreversible so that if you and your ally are the only players left the game would end automatically in a divided victory
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