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Territory card trade in: allow me to choose which country gets the 2+ troop bonus

IDEA: When you trade in Territory cards, if a player has multiple 2+ bonuses (these bonuses are if you occupy a territory on the map that is shown on that card), official rules state that only one 2+ bonus can be awarded. Currently the computer automatically decides which territory. 

This idea is to allow the player to decide which territory to receive 2+ troops in this scenario.

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Surly the bouns should go to the country you were awarded the bouns for.

This is confusing the way the game is currently set. I never know which is getting the +2 when more than one card says it of the cards I'm trading. 

 It's whatever the first card is in your slot of 3 which has the bonus. They do need to change it so you can highlight the one you want to use or something but right now, it's based on order of the cards.

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Yeah, the card in the 1st slot gets the +2 bonus - unfortunatly it usually highlights the wrong card... which is obviously very confusing and can hurt your strategy!

Very surprised SMG didn't address this today with their new update - it's such a quick and easy fix... which they said they would get done 7 months ago!

You can already do this.  You just remove the +2 card(s)  that you do not want for the bonus and then put the one you want up first.  

Can't believe this is broken (((

@Troy.... SMG are aware and have promised a fix in the next update. I opened a support ticket 2 days ago and they got right back to me. Evidently the most recent hotfix broke it.
The version 2.2.2 update appears to have fixed this issue. Thanks!
Just had problem with switching cards in back to back games. Never had this problem before
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