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Color blind option for RISK players and territory colors

IDEA: Add a settings option for color-blind players to easily distinguish between green and yellow, and blue and purple colour schemes used for players and map territories. 

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Lee, can you say how you plan to address this? I have red-green colorblindness, which I believe is the most common form. For me the only trouble I have is telling the green and yellow apart. I think for me if those colors were tweaked my issue would be solved. I realize of course this is just my case, which is why I was curious as to what solution you are pursuing.

Hi Jerod, this feature is planned in our dev queue. I'm very sorry we didn't add this sooner. 

Thanks! –Lee@SMG

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I can't make Alliances due to I can't tell blue/purple or green/yellow apart ! I also always have to be red.

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Colours like black or white would work. I fink orange and yellow are two close in colour

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I am colorblind and can't tell the difference in the green and yellow colors. But even my non colorblind friend has trouble with those. Glad this will be addressed.

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This would definitely help new and old colorblind players and would encourage colorblind players to stay.

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i was going to submit this, glad im not the only one. I cant tell the difference between the green/yellow at all. And yes that has led to me losing games.

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