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RISK spectator mode after I'm defeated

IDEA: If I'm defeated in an online multiplayer game and there are other players remaining, a defeated player should have the option to remain as a spectator to continue watching. 

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Good point grampy... I was hitting the vodka last night and was a little harsh. That being said... once a consensus is reached... just do it
They are nevver going to update this game. Ive been waiting 6 months and no update. Everyone stop paying until they update something...any thing
Why on Earth do people want to watch after a defeat ? Get a life or start a fresh game, complete losers , how ironic !!
yes agrred whole heartedly

Delighted to hear you're planning to add "spectator".  It is also extremely helpful when you do phone conference with grandkids.  Wonderful learning opportunity if they can watch end game.  Many thousand thanks.  

Fix it so u dont have to surrender after u lost to spectate the cheaters for confirmation that u had just been cheated u fuking idiots
No, irony is something TOTALLY different. However "Moronic" is trolling a message board that you have no interest in, and a "complete loser" is a person that only finds value in something if they win. However, after investing an hour in a game sometimes there is some value in witnessing what the outcome is. Unless it is you that is winning of course, being a complete loser... now that would be ironic. See you on the battlefield :)

Hi James, we're aiming for within the next 3 months if not sooner.


Growth. You question has been answered several times before.
Give up Risk and try Chess on line so much more rewarding and no cheats.
Not harsh at all. The people have spoken and have been heard. Move on
To clarify after u lose a game and select spectator mode u then have to surrender to get out of spectator mode which equals 2 losses for the same game...but not suprised by this wonferful update...btw automatch never exceeds 4 players why is that...? Or even worse 3 players amd a bot....

Implemented today - and works perfectly! 

Thanks SMG! 

I was able to spectate a game I lost last month. I was excited until it didn't happen again. It was very fun. I kept throwing up reactions as I watched justice being served.

I haven't seen that.
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