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Bugs and Suggestions

Hello SMG Studio!

I am General Stamper 14548, and I have been playing for a few years. 

First off, I think this game is great. I love being able to play such a classic game across multiple devices and all over the world. It has brought together my brother and I like no game has before. 

As a result of my frequent playing, I have become fairly good at Risk, winning easily in any offline game I play.  Too easily.  I would like to suggest an expert+ mode for the AI, where the AI plays like a real player. The current system of different techniques proves to be easily readable and annoying. There is one mode where the bot just places one zone in every continent, and another where they barricade one territory off and put all their troops there. These modes do stir up gameplay, but they are easily counterable and easy to defeat. I think if there were to be an expert+, the Ai should select a bonus that is defended well (by blizzards or lack of portals) and place their capitals in a defensive position. When I refer to this, I mean in the manual select mode. This increased difficulty would also fix another problem I have, which is Banning. My account has many maps, and premium, meaning I do not want it to get banned, but I still want to play with my brother. In the current system, I either have to play local with AI that is not fun to play with, or I can play public but get banned. I think a more difficult Ai would make it more enjoyable to play, and better for people who want to play with friends. 

I addition to this, I would very much like to see combination game Modes, where you have something like Capitals and Zombie invasion in the same game. Or even something crazy like zombie apocalypse speed blitz World domination capitals. (This would be a mode where you need to take the whole map, but capitals are present as a bonus and defensive point.) It might not be serious, but it would create some strategic and fun games.

I am not sure if this is possible, but I would like to see a US region map pack and Europe 2 map pack. For the US region pack, it would include maps like Northeast, Southwest, Southeast, and Northeast US. for Europe it would include maps like France advanced, maybe a German empire, Spain Advanced, Germany, Baltic states, and maybe an inverted Europe where water is land. 

I also have a crazy idea that I would love to see implemented in some way. I call it Double Advanced.  This is a map pack with super complicated maps. Maybe a map where there are 200 territories? or Australia with all its provinces and regions? or a US map with all the counties in a state, or London and all its boroughs as bonuses? 

I think if there can be a game on phone where you have huge conquests like on the board game. 

 I also have some bug reports.

 If you wait out the timer after you eliminated the final player, your turn will end instead of the game ending. You can own the entire map yet continue playing with one player. I am not sure if this is intentional, But I love it. 

The other bug is a much bigger problem. I love being able to rejoin a game if I get disconnected, but If I host a game, I am unable to rejoin.  It has the rejoin option, but when I get in it says, " waiting for host".  If I am the host, and I get kicked out, I shouldn't have to wait for me to join before I can join. 

When you leave and rejoin a game with fog of war, for a brief moment you can see the full map. This can be gamebreaking in competitive modes. 

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