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List of Features / Tune ups / New Ideas


Risk Global Domination Ideas 

Game Play

  • Different music per map! 

  • Allow Enter key to pass from draft to attack

  • Skip draft confirmation when no more army to place / card to trade

  • Option to see game settings after it launched

  • Display how many armies were placed by the player for the full length of turn

  • When trading cards, always propose the best bonus scenario (only 1  card that gives +2)

  • Add possibility to remove alliance request (sometimes people abuse it)

Game Search

  • Before joining a game, show how many humans / bots are already in + their levels

  • Auto hide full games (remove them from game browsing without the need to refresh)

  • Add map name when looking for games

  • Map filter, checkbox maps that you want to play or not

  • Add number of players min/max desired in the search function

  • Add minimum and maximum rank in search

Tune ups

  • Faster technical support (frustrating to feel ignored)

  • Better way to change your name (like pick your own name?)

  • Better ranking system 

  • Add key bindings : [number] sets number of units, some actions, some phrases

  • Add a beep when someone joins the waiting lobby and beep beep beep when its full

  • Add a big beep when time to ready up (or skip ready up?)

  • Automatically start the game when its full

  • Display ranking number value beside the level name on profiles ie: novice 999534

  • Block people from joining a game where someone already blocked them - frustrating to wait so long for a lobby to finally get the msg at the end that it was cancelled... like wth? :)

New Features

  • Creative mode : Possibility to create your own maps

  • Rewards: Win some skins, emojis, maps, music... (loot boxes) when you complete challenges, reach certain level and/or each time you win a game (like fortnite)

  • Ranked tournaments : Incorporate them in the game software

  • League games (like overwatch)

  • Player notes : To be able to add notes and ”color notes” to any players

  • Game Logs and History (with detailed ranking descriptions)

  • Teamer games (2v2, 3v3)

  • Audio channels integrated (like discord)

  • NO-BOT option, if someone doesnt ready up : is removed from the game instead of having a bot, if a player leaves and doesn't come back in 5 minutes, all his territories become no one’s.

  • Single dice blitz! : like turning animation off, an option to turn dice animation off (when not going blitz its uber slow!!)

  • Saved games : possibility to save games and continue later

  • Replays : possibility to replay games and save some on the cloud (or local)

  • Option to set a maximum rounds per game - then winner with most points wins (armies countries and territories worth points) 

  • Possibility to invite friends to public games


  • FREE PUBLIC CHAT : Give the host the option to enable it

  • FREE PRIVATE CHAT : Give the host the option to enable it

  • FREE ALLIANCE CHAT : Give the host the option to enable it

Only  paying members might be able to chat?

Chat abuse might result into losing chat capabilities (instead of full ban)

  • Possibility to talk in private to other players even if not ally (free chat or prebuilt phrases)

  • More non-free chat lines ie: 

-lets make peace for a while

-could you move your armies

-please hurry up

-have some voted/suggested by community

  • add a chat in lobby waiting with some pre-written sentences and option to free chat

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