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Custom RISK Names

Allow us to create our own custom RISK names, either by typing in one or by choosing from a list of first and last names. It really sucks that I’m stuck with Henry Bayonette 26!

You can do that by connecting any social account! Steam works best since it lets you do any name, while Facebook and Apple will filter the name.

No no, I love the random names the game comes up with for my opponents and I wish I could do the same for my character. I don’t want to use my real name. I hope that makes sense.

You can reroll the custom name somewhere in the settings if I remember correctly

But you could of course also just throw together some options in the custom name field

I just checked the settings. I can choose from Apple ID, Facebook Name, GameCenter Name or RISK name, the last not being editable at all. It is locked to Henry Bayonnette 26. If I choose Apple ID or Facebook ID, I get my full name. If I choose GameCenter name, I get my GameCenter username. There is nowhere to customize any names.

 Ah well that's unfortunate, I suppose the only way you can change it is by changing your GameCenter/Apple/Facebook name. Sorry about that.

Pretty sure it works that way so people have trouble setting their names to inappropriate things

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