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It would be great to see a feature added that would stop the non-players from making a false alliance request just so they can turn around and run through your territory the next turn. This Is Not Playing The Game. This is tantamount to cheating, the way I see it. 

If you cannot win by actually using a strategy other than lying, you cannot play the game.

At least a feature where IF you had an alliance, you would have to wait a turn before attacking that player, after breaking the alliance. This would at least give fair warning to the other player that an attack may come.

I am sick of playing fairly, only to be beaten by someone who has just lied to make sure they come in second. These chickens**ts are simply trying to NOT come in last. They do not care if they win, or not.

Perhaps they live in some type of communist country where this is accepted as how you go to war, not by playing gentlemanly, but just by dropping napalm and walking away.


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What do you mean by non-players?

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