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Stop the Cheating Please


I started playing this game recently and I have a friend who played this ages ago.

My friend doesn't play anymore because as he says "the game is overrun with cheaters."

I tried this game out in the last week or so and, I have to agree with my friend.

The rampart cheating just makes the game unplayable. How about fixing it SMG?

I decided to log in and make the devs aware of the issue and the first thing I saw was about 50 posts with the same complaint, dating back years.

Here's a suggestion: have a random pool mode where you can't pick your friends as team mates. I think that would go a long way to help stop the cheating.

There's an Automatch button that matches entirely random players with each other - I believe there's never been any collaboration-type cheating reports from that mode

Hey Eric,

Thx for the reply I will try that mode. :)

No problem! Good luck. 

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