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Anti-collaboration feature when creating Risk game

I’d really like an option to block players from joining my games on the basis of how much they’ve played together before. For example, if they’ve played together more than once a day, once a week, once a month ..... I can’t hardly play 6 player risk without getting surprise attacked by a beginner for no apparent reason other than collaboration.
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Hello! Here are several methods besides that you can use to avoid cheating until SMG adds that:

1. Play Automatch. Collaboration is basically unheard of there.

2. 1v1s.

3. When you create a game, slowly increase the max players by one slot each time someone joins because cheaters generally join in groups of two - so they won't join a game with only one space.

4. Block a player you know is collaborating from joining your game by sending them a friend request and unfriending them if they accept or letting them reject the request - either will block them from joining your games.

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