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5 Card Mandatory Cash in (Risk)

I'm contacting with a concern about the mandatory card cash in if you have 5 cards in your possession. I don't ever remember this being in the Risk rules. It depletes some of the strategy in the game. Risk is all about strategy, and many players use the strategy of: 1. depriving other players of Risk cards 2. Saving up cards for an opportune moment Also the concern is the requirement to cash in 3 non-matching cards when 5 cards are held; this gives an un-even advantage to players who don't have matching cards, and poses a threat to players who have less than 5 cards but have matching cards. I and many other traditional Risk players would appreciate that you fix this problem to reflect the Risk game 100% to preserve the opportunity of strategy in Risk.

Hi! 5 card mandatory cash in has been in a rule since Risk's creation and is an element in official rulebooks in almost every variation of the game. The strategies of saving up for an opportune moment and depriving other players of cards are in fact facilitated by this limit - you have to be careful, and time your attacks so that you can take out an opponent before they reach the card limit but when they have a lot of cards.

I used to play Risk as a kid; I guess no one followed that rule when I was growing up. I'll check the rule book, thanks for the reply.

No problem! I've played Risk since my childhood with both a more modern version and a 70s copy and both had 5 card force trade-ins

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