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Cheaters letting computer take over then coming back in after other players focus on fighting each other

There should be a feature change that does not allow a player to come back and start playing again after the computer takes over. There should be a time limit in which a player can start playing again within a game. I have witnessed several times when a player is losing, goes idle , lets the computer take over then later in the game starts controlling their own troops again after the other players have severely weakened themselves By fighting each other. I tested this out myself. You can let the idle time warning stay on the screen and still see part of the board to know what is happening. Then you can dismiss the message and start playing again. That needs to change and kick you from the game after a period of time.

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Fuck the god damn cheating bed game! Have noticed when beaten down to novice level, game developers ai is playing? Cheaters galore at this game
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