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New updates

The new updates removed all the friends I had. The amount of online players went from 150 filtered to 7-20. Free play tokens are 1 every 20 minutes now and the play cost is 20 tokens. Watching an ad only gives you 1 token as well. So now I can only play 2 games per day. It's very likely I will get killed in the first 10 minutes in a capital capture game or encounter a bot or someone using two accounts or people who quit the game quickly. It's not worth it anymore to try to play just two games because 1/5 games are actually playable. I hope in the future, especially during a pandemic with people going crazy on lock down that you will be easier on the people who are avid fans of the game and make your company as successful as it is. Not everyone is a paying player, even at 20 tokens and the amount of ads, it's not even worth paying for right now.

Update: Here is SMG's statement on the token issue. "We had a mix-up in our token economy database when updating the servers for the 2.6 version of RISK. Please restart your app, all original values for coins per game have been restored and we are looking into the other values right now."

Hi! I can clarify most of these points here and give some advice.

It shouldn't have removed your friends, the update preserved my friends, so you should fill out a support ticket for that. That's very strange.

Free play tokens! This is either SMG trying to push people into getting premium, or it's a bug - I'm inclined to the latter. I've filled out a ticket myself about this. However, it's very very strange that you only get one token from advertisements, I get 5 for each.

I will give you a piece of advice here as well: I know it shouldn't need to be something to do, but you can always create more Risk accounts, which will each have separate token amounts that you can then use to play more games each day.

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