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Single Player - "time limit" game option

As a way to prepare for online play I wish there was a single player time limit option so I could get use to completing my turn in a given time window Thx

There should be! When you start a non-scenario game with bots, just set the Timer setting to the amount you want.

Thanks for the reply.

No problem!

Most of my original reply did not show up, so it's still unclear. Here's what didn't get posted. "I play exclusively 'Single Player - Classic' games. They have six game options, none of which are 'Time Limit'. " After reading your post I thought maybe you were saying I could start an Online game, set a turn time limit, and configure all players to bots. It seems like I can only add two bots, the three other spots would be for 'real' opponents. I guess that makes sense since it's an 'online' game, but it doesn't help me understand how you're saying I can set a time limit in a single player game (which would obviously only apply only to my turn). Thanks.

My apologies! I misinterpreted your question. I agree! There should be a time limit option in singleplayer, for now you can just use Pass and Play with bots and skip the turn of the second human player manually, but it's not a perfect solution.

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Thanks Eric. Hopefully a future release includes the time option for single player.

I hope so! I've suggested it on the Discord as well to get it some extra exposure :D

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