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Some way to rate player on their rep

 I get that it's complicated but since there is no way to block players (that I can see) how about at least a feature to let us see what kind of player a player is?

If they break alliances, quit the game, don't confirm, or suicide alot, etc?

Would you want statistics on that kind of stuff (e.g. Number of non-confirmed/incomplete games)? Because it would be very complex and difficult to  set up a system that somehow can tell when a player suicides a lot, or mesh together user reputation from other users' reviews.

What I would prefer is a simple button so if I play someone that does stuff like that I can just block them and never have to even see hem again.

If you could see how many times a player has been blocked that would be handy too. 

Well you can just press the little "no messages" button on another player's profile and it blocks them from joining any of your future games. . . 

 Thanks but which "profile"?  Where is it located  And why isn't that just called a "block" button?  Do you guys just enjoy making things mysterious?  Lots of people have asked for a "block" feature after all.

It's relatively clear??? Just click the person's picture on the right side of the screen and press the little "no chat" button - if it worked there should be a little 

 why is it clear that 'no chat" is "block"?  If it's a "block" button just call it a "block" button.

No chat to me means they can't send emojis.

Yeah, I agree it should be clearer that it works as a block button. I meant where the button is located is clear

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