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Fast play

Sorry if I'm nieve but ife just watched a player attack all my territory at about 3 times the speed I can move How is this possible

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yes seen this several times the past 2 weeks

significant advantage 

seems like some sort of hacking cheat

Yes, I agree too, this is happening a lot at present, ruins the game

That is NOT hacking or cheating. You can turn off Camera Animations in the settings and attack faster that way. PC players also tend to use Enter to finish and start attacks faster.

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Eric, thank you so much for your reply, I have turned off the animations and it had led to a more fluid game. Thanks again. Doreen

No problem! If you've got any more questions feel free to respond here or make a new post and I'll probably see.

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Thanks Eric

It's no prob! :D

PC players must have a super-speed advantage then, because my animation is off, & I can’t compete with 10 second wipeout moves!

Yeah! The Enter Key advantage is insane, but it can be countered with mobile - here's someone on mobile doing the same speed:

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