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Disputed Territories enhancement

Would love to see some version of play or maps that includes a "disputed territories" shared by each group of territories.   Basically, two areas (or continents in classic play) that would normally warrant bonus armies for having all the territories would have a shared territory that would only allow for bonus armies for one of the areas, not both.

Picture player A having all of South America.  Player B has all of North America.  But there is a small territory that connects the two (added or just partitioned from Central America) that is required to get full bonus armies for either continent.  Whoever owns that territory can claim bonus armies for their continent, but the other cannot.  For example, Player A has all of South America and this disputed territory connecting South America to North America.  He would get bonus armies.  Player B would not get any bonus armies despite having all of North America because he doesn't have the disputed territory.  

This would add a strategy element to make the game more fun. 

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