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Why replace a human by an AI?

I have created a few multiplayer games.

I chose not to include any AI. No AI. I want to play with humans.

However, when a human does not confirm he is ready, an AI takes over his seat. Why?

There should be

(1) an option to decide what in this case (game setting)


(2) disable this rule to replace a human with an AI

so annoying.

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I totally agree. AI takes over if the player disconnects as well, which is very frustrating.

An option for alternative rules would be really great - the most common option I have heard is to leave the troops on the board and they become neutral. This would he highly preferred to playing with bots - I have no interest in playing computers because they always ruin the game and they don't play in a logical way.

I totally agree with you. I believe that no one wants to play against 2 intelligent beings and 1 idiot who in a few moves destroys someone's effort. I think it would be better if a game where someone does not confirm goes back to waiting for a new player. A little patience would bring a much better quality game. We all know that we use Al that moves like an ax, but that ax hits us as well. That's how the whole game gets rid of.
I forgot. I have a list of players who have not been confirmed twice. It can happen once, but twice it's not polite . Anyone who does not confirm the game is put on the list and when it is repeated goes to another list that I use when setting up the game. I throw these players out of the game.
I agree 100% AI reduces the fun in a major way.
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