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[feature request] learning / improving your gameplay

1. replaying (review) a game

A game goes fast. You keeping looking at other players' moves. I would like to be able to replay/review a game so that I can look at how stronger players started the game and built their positions. Perhaps, you could allow people to replay a game when it ends? (either when they win or lose)

Point 1 means the game and the moves of the game would be saved for a limited time.

2. viewing/replaying other players' games

a similar idea to point 1 i you could view other players' games. It would allow you to see how stronger players start a game and build positions.

3. sharing advice

In another topic, I suggested the idea to allow players to message themselves when they are not in a game ( A stronger player could be allowed to send advice to a weaker player both during and after the game.

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