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Could you use the popular culture themed Board game Risk games gameplays and maps

In addition to the original version of 1959, and a 40th Anniversary Edition with metal pieces, a number of official variants of Risk have been released over the years. In recent years, Hasbro has predominantly based its Risk variants on popular films. In chronological order, the variations of Risk that have been released are: Castle Risk (1986) – A version focusing only on Europe in which each player has a castle, and the player's goal is to protect the castle from attack. Castle Risk was the first version of Risk released after 27 years of production to depart from standard play.[5] Although it was unsuccessful, it introduced many concepts integrated into later versions of Risk.[5] Risk: Édition Napoléon (1999) – Adds generals, fortresses, and naval units. Risk: Édition Napoléon: Extension Empire Ottoman (2000) – Adds a sixth player to Risk: Édition Napoléon. Risk: 2210 A.D. (2001) – An award-winning[12] futuristic version, produced by Avalon Hill, another division of Hasbro. The game features moon territories, ocean territories and commander units and offers a number of official and unofficial expansions. Risk: the Lord of the Rings (2002) – 2–4 player version based on northern Middle-earth. Risk: the Lord of the Rings: Gondor & Mordor Expansion Set (2003) – Extension to Risk: the Lord of the Rings, also includes a 2-player Siege of Minas Tirith mini-game. Risk: the Lord of the Rings: Trilogy Edition (2003) – Combines the first two Lord of the Rings versions, but does not include the Siege of Minas Tirith mini-game. Risk Godstorm (2004) – A version based on the mythological pantheons of various ancient civilizations; produced by Avalon Hill. Risk: Star Wars: Clone Wars Edition (2005) – Set in the Star Wars universe during the Clone Wars. The player can fight on the side of the Separatists or the Republic, using either the classic Risk rules or the Clone Wars variations where altruism pays off. Risk Express (2006) – Designed by Reiner Knizia as part of Hasbro's Express line of games (although not as part of the US-released series). Roll different combinations of infantry, cavalry, artillery & generals to capture the territory cards.[13] Risk: Star Wars Original Trilogy Edition (2006) – Set during the Galactic Civil War, players play as the Galactic Empire, the Rebel Alliance, or the Hutts. This version is unique in that each of the factions has a different set of goals and victory conditions. Risk Junior: Narnia (2006) – Based on The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, players can play as either the forces of Aslan or as the forces of the White Witch. Risk: The Transformers Edition (2007) – Based on the Transformers film, players can either play on the side of the Autobots or the Decepticons on a Cybertron stylised map. Risk: Black OPS (2008) – Limited edition released in early 2008. Print run was limited to a 1000 copies. Most of the copies were given to people in the board game industry to test out new rules for up coming editions.[14] Risk: Balance of Power (2008) – Based on a European map.[15] Risk 1959 (2008) – Winning Moves Games USA released a reproduction of the original game of Risk from 1959. It includes all the original graphics, wood pieces, and individual plastic storage boxes.[16][17] Risk: Reinvention (2009) – Also called Risk Factor or Risk Revised Edition. This is the commercial released version of Black Ops. It features capitals, cities, missions, and very thin pieces shaped like arrows. It is also available with different components (wooden map, wooden cube pieces, etc.) as Risk Onyx Edition.[18] Risk: Halo Wars Collector's Edition (2009) – Includes UNSC, Covenant, and The Flood. It has 42 territories and 6 sectors. Risk: Factions (2010) – a licensed video game version of the game developed by Electronic Arts, and distributed on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. Includes a "classic" mode which allows games played using standard original rules, and a "Factions" variation on the rules. Risk: Metal Gear Solid (2011) Risk: Legacy (2011/12) – The game that introduced the legacy game mechanic, in which permanent changes to the game board and cards occur each time you play.[19] Risk: Halo Legendary (2012) Risk: Starcraft (2012) – Four play modes with three different races. Each race has two unique hero units. Risk: Star Wars Saga Edition (2013) UK Exclusive Risk: Mass Effect Galaxy at War Edition (2013) Risk: The Walking Dead Survival Edition (2013) Risk: Battlefield Rogue (2013) Risk: Plants Vs Zombies (2013) Risk: Doctor Who (2013) Risk: Game of Thrones (2015) Risk: Star Wars Edition Game Standard (2015) – Recreates the Battle of Endor from Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. Battles take place across three environments: inside the Emperor's Throne Room ; the space outside the Death Star ; and the forest moon of Endor,[20] Risk: Star Wars Edition Game Black Series (2015) – Same as Risk: Star Wars Edition Game Standard but includes different packaging, embossed playing cards, translucent dice, and miniatures for the Death Star, Super Star Destroyer, Millennium Falcon, and Imperial stormtroopers.[21] Risk: Marvel Cinematic Universe (2015) Risk: Transformers Decepticon Invasion of Earth (2015) UK Exclusive Risk: Captain America Civil War (2016) Risk: Star Trek 50th Anniversary Edition (2016) Risk (2016) Risk: Europe (2016) Risk: Rick and Morty (2018) Risk: Vikings Edition (2018) Risk: Call Of Duty: Black Ops Zombies Edition (2019) GameStop Exclusive Risk: Assassin's Creed (2019) Risk: The Elder Scrolls (2019) Risk: The Battle for Medieval England
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