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Expanded Game Options

I'd like to see some more options when you create a game:
Card Bonus: None (You do not get cards and cannot trade them in for armies)
Minimum ArmiesĀ  Per Turn: (You can set the minimum armies you get each turn for number of territories, so you can set it to only have 1 or have 5 each turn even if you only have a few territories)
Maximum Armies Per Turn: (Limit the number you can get so stronger players can't as easily dominate the whole board)
Continent Bonus: (Allow the players to modify how many bonus armies they get if they take over a continent, including being able to disable the bonus entirely)

I realize some of these options would make online play very frustrating so maybe this can be for local play only for those who really just want to experiment with the game settings. If they're really extreme, you can have some of these options cost extra coins to use in a game.

I love to experiment with these sorts of things and I'd be happy to pay extra for DLC to enable these features.

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