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Honor Ratings

Can all players have an honor rating, relating to their actions during an alliance? When a player enters into an alliance, if they attack their ally and breaks their ally’s territory block, then their honor rating goes down. For example, if a player has occupied all of South America and their ally attacks one of their territories in South America, then the ally’s honor rating goes down. If a player wants to break an alliance without lowering their honor rating, then they can request to break it, but they have to wait one round until they are free to attack without harming their honor rating. Also, as soon as a player attacks their ally’s territory block, the alliance is broken. That way their is a penalty for players who enter into an alliance and then attack their ally’s territory block. If the alliance is broken in this way, the player who was attacked does not have to wait an entire round to retaliate. The honor ratings will allow players to know, more or less, if a potential ally will honor the alliance.

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Honor? But This is war
I just played a game where armies were placed manually and I received an alliance request from Juango Torre 403 and I accepted then on his first turn immeasurably attacked me trying to wipe me out. I believe a rating would solve this or I’m beginning to think about not accepting alliances.
But this is war, isn’t it?
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