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Combat display

I have enjoyed this Risk app for quite some time now. What is not enjoyable is the new combat display that came into effect with the last update. When the user attacks now, it is virtually impossible to tell the combat loss until the screen reverts back to the normal playing screen. I’m not really sure how else to describe it except that it was perfect before the update and now it is extremely frustrating. When an attack is made it is VERY difficult to read how many user casualties there are initially. Also, when an AI player cashes in cards for troops, the announcement at the top of the screen displays for far too long. It takes a brief second to read the announcement, at which point I’m far more interested in looking at where the troops are being deployed.

I put in a support ticker regarding this same thing. They said the lag was intentional to help other players with pop up delay. However, I am with you. It use to be smooth and now the lag is a nuissance. If you are in a 60 second time game, the little lag could potentially cause you the game especially if you do not know right away how many casualties you had. I hope they fix this issue.
I agree 100%, please fix this it’s destroyed the game due to I only ever play 60sec
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