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Let a user know you reported him

In case of obvious collaboration, it can be good to let a user know that we understand his “game” and that we have him reported. Like “I reported you for collaboration”. It can also be useful to get additional conversation messages like “stop harassing me” or “move your troops” or “annoy someone else” because those are REALLY missing. Current choice of emojis is crap, also. Cannot express anything with those. How about a “annoyed” emoji or one which shows lassitude (against a player who plays poorly at your expenses).
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Also, some insults could actually be useful. Like, sometimes you’d really want to call someone a pussy, coz’ that’s just how he’s acting. E.g. when a “master” suicides on you just because he probably has to leave IRL and find nothing funnier but to crash on a random player instead of simply leaving the game.
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