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Ranking System Sucks

The ranking system in this game is terrible. It is too difficult to gain rank and to easy to lose rank. I went from Master to Beginner for losing a few games. PLEASE design a better ranking system

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As a master, do not play against too many novice/beginners and you won’t be retrograded that much if you lose. Only play experts/masters.

The ranking system is screwed. I am ranked expert and just played a game against 1 expert and 4 intermediates. I won and my ranking STILL went down. I don't care what they say - if they other players leave the game it counts against the players who are left - win or lose. I can understand you should lose ranking points when you lose against lower players - but if you win, no matter who it is, the worst that should happen is you stay the same. It would help if there was a list of the rankings of players in a particular game before  you enter - then you can save time not clicking on a game to see what level the players are and then having to quickly click out of the game before they start it. I hate not readying up but in this circumstance you just have to.

Hey! You should almost NEVER lose ranking points from beating a lower level player unless it's, say, a Grandmaster against five Novices. That's more likely simply an earlier loss that delayed the ranking point drop.

No - I keep a note of my rating before a game and immediately after and it goes down. The largest was the other day when it went down 50,000 and I won.

As I said. . . You likely lost a game *before* that game, and the ranking point drop was delayed enough that it happened as you played that next game.

Maybe the rank should be hidden for everyone else? Sometimes it happens that people with low rank just attack high rank players because they’re just gonna get better rank despite they’re going to lost agains other ones then as they lose so much attacking

Yes! I would love a kind of "rank fog" so you can't see other players' ranks, people target me a lot because I'm higher rank than them :)

Jiv: if he is losing to novices and beginners, maybe he didn't belong in Masters anyway...

@Kent tekulve sometimes it happens that novice is just targeting you no matter what, just because you're high rank, if you dont have any luck, then you lose. There can be no strategy used yet. 

Interesting: I fell into the novice rankings from Intermediate over a few days. At one point I believe I was in the 180Ks. but I was playing with distractions. SO, I played poorly, and I noticed my rolls were starting to get screwy, I wasn't getting matching cards until 5 -- over and over and over -- then turning them in for 4 or 6, maybe 8, at best armies. And also fell I believe to the absolute bottom in the 2 millions. Now i can't win to save my life. I see sometimes where I have over 50 of my troops killed, and win maybe 25. Sometimes even worse, losing 5 troops to one? I simply cannot dig back out. 23 wins up until a week ago -- since then, maybe 50 losses back to back. I also notice a lot of new looking Novice players with high numbers and beginners having played maybe 5 games, but won 4 of them. What gives?

 Ranking can fluctuate a lot! You could actually get to Grandmaster in 28 games, it's just extremely difficult. I've seen Beginners with thousands of games. It all depends on how much you win.

Half the people on here inflate their rankings anyway by roping a trusting player into a game with them and all bots and then go after the real player relentlessly. Sometimes you don't even realize this is happening until a turn or two into it and by then it's too late.

The fact i average a rank of Expert - Master by playing any game i want as long as i add some 1v1's to the que i can maintain those ranks. Now when i do my 1v1's there mostly vs grandmasters which is a rank i think i achieved once but the fact that i win 75% of  my 1vs1's and those guys are highest ranked means the ranking system is broken. Most these grandmasters are fucking noobs. The real players with real skill are being punished and forced down to average rankings of expert intermediate or maybe master because we ain't gonna play the system and play only games we know we can win and take advantage of new players in 1's which is dumb. I love this game and you guys have made it awesome but without a proper ranking system, noobs are at the top and true pros are at the bottom, breaks my heart because im a true risk fan ever since i was a kid.

Ranking should be based something like this, winner of the game goes up in rank, 2nd 3rd 4th stay the same rank 5th and 6th player go down in rank. That way the true risk warriors who are ACTUALLY GOOD DONT GET PUNISHED please implement this! Scale this based on how ever many players would be in the game. 3 Player game example, winner goes up rank, 2nd stays the same, 3rd eliminated goes down in rank. 1v1 would be Winner up loser down, simple! Do it and you will make lots of money forever into the future for your risk game, trust me!

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