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Three dices for defender like the originel game

In the original game the defender with 3 or more troops can defend with 3 dices.

Here in this game only with 2. Why? 

The conseguence is that defending is much more difficult, is easily possible to conquer lands with the same or more troops.  As a conseguent players are impelled to attack.  Is it to easy to win in attack. 

In the original Risk to conquer a land with, for example, with 10 troops you need 15 to 20 troops. 

Why the defencer has only 2 dices? For more "animated" game? 

Conquering must be difficult. Like the original game.

The good thing of this game should be the possibility to play "exact" the same game on board. Is it to complicated to leave the original classic game mode avalaible?

I don't understand the balanced blitz, but there is the true random dice option, and it is good.

If you don want to make as standard 3 dices for defender, give please the possibility to set this option when creating a game.

In the original game The Defender always has two dice the attacker always has three as long as he has more then for men that he's attacking with if the defender only has one man that he only gets one dice to defend with

I checked it.

In the first original french  game, in 1957,  named "La conquête du monde"  (the conquest of the world) the defender had up to 3 dice. Than in 1959 came the american version, named "Risk", which had always a 2 dice defence.  Than more versions came in Europe, initially with 3 dice defence. Wenn in the 1975 the american company (Parker Brothers) buyed a lots of the european companies, they changed some rules, and put the 2 dice defence.

With the exception of Italy. Hier all the versions had always a 3 dice defence. And this is the version I played.

Now, the most version in the workd had a 2 dice defence, problably the tournament version too, but I think It will be a good idea have the possibility to choose a the beginning a 3 dice defence. There are so many options avalaible, why not this one too? 

There is another important difference with the board games: at the end of the turn, fortifing is possible only with an adjacent territory.  To make a game with this option will be nice too.

A game with this 2 option avalyble (3 dice defende and fortifing only to an adjycent territory) will make a less "schizophrenic" game.

Do you like this idea?

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