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Leaderboard events

It would be nice if we could do some actual events for the game. Possibly weekly events Goal be to accomplish things during the week. Or events could be held on certain days and be set up with a point system or tournaments. Events could have prizes for teams of players or solo leaderboard events. There could be multiple different options on the prizes. Maps, avatars, a special new token for special games. Bragging rights trophy’s or tournament rings. Could also have themed events like historic campaigns and maps to accomplish. This could also open up a door for new revenue and gaming options for the player. * please note I like that it is not a pay to play game of sort. It is very reasonable and would like it to stay that way. But there could be new options and things implemented for gamers to spend if they choose to... #Fyi- I would be willing to be a game moderator of sorts and work with development on tournaments and or events. This game could have potential for making good money and having a epic gaming community! Again we like that it is not pay to play It could just be optional

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I love the tournament idea. It would also be nice if individual players could set up their own tournaments

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I think tournament play would be a cool option for players to set up. Weekly events that could players could play and tournaments. Also, the playing with friends and requesting a friend needs to be amended and fixed. It is hard to set up a match with your so called friends. It’s hard to tell when players and friends are live on the game to be even able to have this option. Short of figuring out a way to contact each other which you give us no way to it’s almost impossible to set up matches with friends. Unless you know that person in the real world and can contact them. We need a way to network with each other.
Other then this site I do not know how to reach out to the developers of this app and game. I am very interested in helping expand the game and revenue.
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