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Capital Domination

Within the Capital Domination game, the players capital should be protected the first turn. The game should allow a player to add troops to their capital the first turn without having the risk of being attacked. This would eliminate being crippled as a player in the first round by getting your capital attacked. It’s nearly impossible to come back from it and many players quit as a result.

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One way to do this might be to let players manually place their last few troops along with their capital?
I thought this suggestion would be better received, I don’t think these post get the exposure they deserve.
I completely disagree. Chosing a safe spot for your capital is part of the game. Otherwise people could just block any region they want in the first round, it would be horrible.

Agree that Capital Conquest needs to be fixed. If your turn is toward the end, it is ridiculously easy to lose your capital in the first round even if you place it on the territory with your largest army. 

I would not make it so you cannot attack a capital the first turn. 

What I would do is have the capital placement come with a 2 troop bonus on that territory, and get rid of the bonus you normally get for holding your capital on the first turn. 

There is another major flaw, too: The game description is factually inaccurate. It says "conquer and defend" all capitals to win the game. If this were true, you would not need to simply conquer all the capitals to win, you would also need to hold all the capitals until your next turn. 

I like the commish's point, that would add a fun element to the game
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