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Need another option to report cheaters

Cheaters have found away to freeze the screen of an opponent, riding us of the ability to report them unable to reconnect or continue playing the game at all, screen unfreezes when the game ends. But doesn't give u enough time to report the suspected cheater!!!! Message to Cheaters : Can't tAke no pride in cheating Losers! It's a shame such a powerful mind wastes itself learning how to take the fun out of a game.
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I'm sick of cheaters. My screen freezes only when I'm winning in a game. Also I don't always receive my victory cards. This happens coincidentally in games where two opponents are obviously ganging up on players or the same person playing two different colors. It's making playing very frustrating a d needs stopped! Here are two cheaters. The last two colors/players didn't take obvious moves and gained up on the first two opponents! I also didn't receive my cards once during this game. Orange & yellow were cheating and ganging up on the other players.
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