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New beta

I love playing on fog of war mode.... because in real life you don't know how many troops someone may have.... with that said the new beta that you can click on to see what the attack results were is defeats the purpose of fog of war. ...if I try to wipe someone out or I weakened then pretty good now everyone knows and is going to get an easy 1-5 card's by finishing my attack.... at least take three beta off of fog of war, it runs the play ...well in my opinion.... also all I ever search for are progressive games with fog of war.....It would be cool if you could somehow separate at least fixed and progressive games from eachother....of course since all I play is progressive and fog of war if you had a way to group the different variations together would be even nicer, but that may be to much to at least to be able to choose from fixed or progressive would eliminate a lot of the scrolling I do to find my game..... and please remove that beta from fog of war, thanks
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