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PLEASE separate ignoring and blocking someone

Just because someone is spamming me with attack requests, doesn't mean I don't want them in my future games, it's cheaters I don't want in my future games. I noticed there is a "join error" on games of people that have ignored me, and I've noticed when I host a game, people I've ignored will never join (maybe out of offense? but I doubt it). I believe this is a huge hamper to play-ability of the game, as there is no list I can go through to unignore these people now realizing this, I would need to find them in a host who hasn't ignored me's game and unignore them there... Please, please, please fix this, as I like to use emotes, and it has me on a lot of ignore lists with unintentional consequences to both players, as I can't fill their games and they can't fill mine, when we simply just don't want notifications within the game.

Feature Request:

Ignore - Person can't send you notifications or pings (y'all should add pings too, would be really handy as a sort of nudge to a player that should maybe look in an area (limited use per game obviously))

Block - Can't join my hosted games, and will have an indicator of this when I see them in other games. (I understand is near impossible for devs to filter entirely, so just be our own judges for our own experiences with them)

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