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Fix the dice roll probabilities

In auto mode the dice in this game do not follow the correct statistics. I suspect this is because if someone blitz rolls the system simply rolls all the dice simultaneously. For example if the blitz is 8 Vs 4 my guess is the system rolls 8 dice Vs 4 dice whereas it should roll 3 v 2 multiple times ending in 2 v 1. If my guess is wrong then maybe the problem is more fundamental but whatever there is something seriously wrong with the game probabilities

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I just watched a player take out another player's territory with 7 vs 14. This broke the other guy's troop hold. I was in shocked and another player in the game made a shock face too!
In Risk no player ever rolls more than 3 dice. Blitz mode should simply be an automated way to roll 3v2 or 3v1 multiple times. In a 3v2 dice roll the probability of the attacker losing no troops while killing 2 defenders is 37.17% so if for example 3 troops attack 6 defenders the probability of losing no attackers is 37.17% x 37.17% x 37.17% = 5.14% and if 30 troops attack 6 defenders the probability of losing no attackers should still be 5.14% yet I regularly see players clean up large areas losing no troops at all.

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There is an obvius problem attacking with 4 or more VS 1, the attacker now (dezember 2019) win "always", I never see loosing a troop in such a attack. But there should be a probably  1to6 to lose.  The game is not like the real game.

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