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New category AI opponents

I want to share with you some ideas for the AI opponents:


In addition to the difficulties of the opponents, you could use subcategories of the opponents (something similar to Perfect Dark simulants), the categories could be:

1. The PreyAI will only attack players who have few territories or units. They will hunt weaker players and ignore stronger players.

2. The JudgeAI will do the opposite to what the PreySim does, it will attack the winning player. This AI will stop at nothing to take the lead for itself, but if it is in the lead, it'll attack anyone to stay that way.

3. A VengeAI will always attack the last player who attacked him.

4. A KazeAI will ruthlessly hunt down a chosen target and will stop at nothing until the target is defeated. It will aggressively attack you.

5. The FeudAI will pick a target at the start of the game and will ruthlessly attack them for the rest of the game, even if they're taken down a few times. They will also attack on other players, they will just mainly concentrate on one.

This is a link to see the information about the simulants of Perfect Dark.

What do you think about this?

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This would help with variety in the games where AI is included. The AI atm just seems to cause a loop in the game of fighting between players and itself while usually going out its way to target and take out one player ( even without alliances enabled ) - having a 'Random AI' would be good also. either randomly chooses 1 given personalities or plays in a more unpredictable fashion. The issue I have with vengeful AI is that no player will attack them knowing full well it will 100% result in them fighting back and from a strategic standpoint doesn't work. This idea should be implemented. You could add Turtle AI that mainly just sits on its boarders constantly building troops

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