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Strategy Vs rankings

Hi, first of all I want to express my gratitude for this game which I love since I were teenager, in the 90ties. I'd like to give a suggestion in order to improve the game play. Actually the number of ranking points gained can vary depending on the rank of the players. This could be considered a good way to balance the distribution of ranking points between players, but being that a low-ranking player gains much more points beating a high-ranking one, what happens during the matches is a sort of suicide behavior of the low-ranking players who wants to eliminate as quickly as possible the high-rankings ones. Consequently : - high ranking players tend to play only with same level players - the game loses its nature, the strategy becomes secondary in relation to the gain of points - playing as a high ranking player becomes really frustrating and not funny. I would really like to allow the strategy to become the 1st actor of this fantastic game, I suggest to use a fixed point plan, in order to assign a higher level of points depending just on the game results, and not on the player's rank. Another solution could be to give the opportunity for a player to hide its rank to the other players. Hope this could help to improve the game, thank you, Max.
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