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As a user, I want to create custom maps to play and share

The overall product is wonderful and my compliments to the UX/Product/Development team(s) for building such a beautiful and enjoyable game. 

I have enjoyed various maps and permutations of the rules (blizzard etc.), but what I really want is to be able to create my own map. I doubt you have a public map editor available (or even in the works), but I would love it! I don't need super fancy tools, just a way to draw boundaries, some dotted lines and tag an area as water. Yeah, labeling would be nice, too.

And then if there was a share/marketplace and people could upvote or whatever... that's icing on the cake.

Thanks for listening!

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Love it. I'm a retired programmer. I have built a Microsoft Excel Risk program. In many ways my program works better than this "official" Hasbro/SMG studios app. I'm constantly submitting bug tickets to them (I'm sure they're sick of me by now). The worst part is every time they release a new version or update, they seemed to have been working on an older one and I have to ding em on recurrent/new problems. Biggest issue is not defining their borders properly - either disabling an attack on a clearly attached neighboring territory or enabling an unattached neighboring territory to attack each other.
Two thumbs up.
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