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Fix the AI. It's AWFUL.

 What is with the AI in this game?  They don't try to conquer continents, they don't try to stop people from taking continents all they do is attack anything weaker that's near them.

They just randomly attack.  How is it I had RISK on my phone 10 years ago and the AI in it was great and could mimic a human and knew how to play RISK but the AI in SMG Risk is complete garbage?

I just lost a game where It was down to me, 2 AIs and the Yellow player, the Yellow player was surrounded by AI but all the AI did was attack territories with 1-2 troops on it.  The Yellow guy was free to grind me down with no resistance from the AI players at all. 

Why even have computer controlled players if they're just going to be completely mindless?

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I just had my least favourite scenario.   Set up a four player game, one moron doesn't confirm and is replaced by an AI that things I'm Sarah Connor.    End game came down to me, the other human and the AI, and the other guy won because AI ignored his 1 troop borders.   

Maddening.  I still don't understand why losing a game in that circumstance should count against me.  

Same thing happened to me, It was down to me, a bot and the green player.  I had whittled the green player down to less than 10 men.....but I was down to around 15 in Australia with maybe another dozen spread out over NA and SA.

The bot decided to park 19 troops right in front of the entrance to Australia.  The green player destroyed my troops outside of Australia and I had 4 cards but no matches so I just had to fortify for 3-4 turns and watch while he took his 10 men and destroyed the bot which had most of the world at that point.

The bot wouldn't attack his borders and wouldn't move from right in front of Australia even though it was getting slaughtered.

I just don't understand how the AI can be that awful, it's totally useless.  I had Risk on my Iphone 10 years ago and it's AI was fine.  Hell, I had Risk on my PS1 over 20 years ago and it's AI was fine.

How the hell is this game's AI so awful?  And you can't avoid it because of all the people who quit.

I enjoy playing against the computer but the AI is too simplistic. The main thrust of the AI should be to take continents and to take out other players. Right now the AI will not do either of those things except unintentionally. If those two items were programmed into the game, it would make the game more challenging. I'm on a Moto G7 running Android 9.0.

The AI is so stupid. I don't get it. It will ignore all the other players in the game and let them take continents. 2 AI just let another human steam roll me because they acted as makeshift blockers to his weak borders so I couldn't get to them instead of attacking when they had troop advantage.

I've had the same thing where I control 2 continents ( one being ASIA ) with a single man on the boarder and the AI is right beside me and for whatever reason does not attack to take ASIA from me. Any human being would absolutely attack no questions. The AI in this case had Europe with 5 men on the bordering territory prior to deployment phase. Latest version.

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