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Ranking system improvement

Could you make it so that the ranking points system does not count the worst 20% of results or only counts the best 4 out of the last 5 results? As a high ranking player, I want the ability to occasionally revenge suicide against a player who attacks me for no good strategic reason. This would help address the problem of low ranked players over attacking good players knowing that they are less likely to put troops at risk by retaliating.

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I think the real issue is the ability to choose the rank of players that you play against. I will take on all players regardless of ranking. I've been playing for months and have only seen a grandmaster take on a novice or beginner once! The highest ranked players are NOT the best players of the game! They are the best at manipulating the current ranking system! I hope in the foreseeable future there are March Madness type tournaments but much larger 600 or 6000 players playing multiple rounds over multiple days! Open to all who dare!!!

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I think they have largely addressed this issue with the ability to play unranked games. I will play those unranked games for fun but frankly, I would not enjoy playing a ranked game which includes novices and beginners. Their behaviour is just way too random. I just have no idea when one of these guys will go beserk and suicide into me for no reason. That's fine if I'm playing an unranked game 'for fun'. But surely there is nothing wrong with wanting to play with high ranked players who have a good understanding of how to give themselves the best chance of winning.

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